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Ready for anything in a world of digital everything.

PagerDuty Summit 2022 is where you can learn new ways to orchestrate, accelerate, and elevate your critical work. Join us in-person or online for inspiring keynotes, exclusive product demos, hands-on training courses, and new perspectives on DevOps, site reliability engineering, AI for IT ops, process automation, and beyond. You’ll walk away empowered with new ideas and skills, so you can be ready for anything in your digital operations.

Technical talks by experts from the community

Six tracks of actionable content

Summit ’22 has something for every member of your team.

DevOps is building the future, now.

The realities of “you build it, you run it” have shifted in 2022. It’s time to revisit the core DevOps principles of culture, automation, lean, measurement, and sharing (CALMS) in the face of distributed teams, ever more stressed on digital infrastructure, and complex modern architectures.

Beyond a buzzword: AIOps in 2022.

With machine learning and automation revolutionizing operations across the enterprise, AIOps is becoming a proven way to reduce noise, improve MTTR, and increase efficiency. But how do you get beyond the hype and start driving business outcomes? This track dives into how you can implement AIOps to achieve fewer interruptions and faster resolution, today.

Transforming work through process automation.

Modern operations require automation to keep up with accelerating change and facilitating continuous innovation. This track explores how to apply automation frameworks and delegation to address operational tasks and processes. Learn how to get started and how to get comfortable with upping your automation game.

Digitized business operations.

As more operations are digitized, practices and technologies to deliver a great customer experience are evolving. From customer service to human resources and more, the way teams work have changed. This track explores how teams around the business put the customer experience at the center and get work done when it matters most.

Getting started with PagerDuty.

Whether you’re new to PagerDuty or looking to get started with DevOps, SRE or modern on-call practices, this track gets down to the basics for beginners.


Burnout is real and the pandemic hasn’t helped. Whether you’re an individual on call or a team lead keeping your team healthy, this track explores strategies and practices to manage stress, get well and stay well.

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PagerDuty University Certifications

Get PagerDuty
certified for free

Available both online and in-person, power up your skills in our free certification courses (each one is a $7,500 value!). Only at Summit.

  • Incident commander certification
  • Foundational practitioner certification
  • Customer service operations certification

Foundational Practitioner Certification

  • NAM June 8: 9am - 12pm PST
  • APJ June 16: 9am - 12pm AEST
  • EMEA June 22: 9am - 12pm BST

Our product certification demonstrates your understanding of the PagerDuty platform and its various features. Be prepared to have your knowledge put to the test through scenario-based questions on the real-world application of schedules, escalation policies, services, and more.

Recommended Knowledge and Experience

  • We recommend candidates have taken the Foundational Practitioner live training course hosted by PagerDuty University during Summit before the examination or have at least 6 months of hands-on experience using PagerDuty
  • Candidates should have a basic understanding of the PagerDuty platform, including configuration, response features, and analytics

Incident Responder Certification

  • NAM June 8: 1pm - 4pm PST
  • APJ June 16: 1pm - 4pm AEST
  • EMEA June 22: 1pm - 4pm BST

A fan favorite at Summit! Join the hundreds of users who have received their Incident Responder Certification. This Masterclass showcases PagerDuty’s incident response practices using the Incident Commander method, along with proven methodologies to promote continuous learning and improvement via postmortems.

Recommended Knowledge and Experience

  • We recommend candidates have taken the Incident Command System 101, Incident Command System 201 and the Postmortems workshop hosted by PagerDuty University during Summit prior to the examination
  • Candidates should have a basic understanding of the Incident Command System and best practices related to building out and optimizing the Incident Response Process in an organization

Customer Service Operations Certification

  • NAM June 8: 1pm - 2:30 PST
  • APJ June 16: 1pm - 2:30 AEST
  • EMEA June 22: 1pm - 2:30 BST

Our newest certification is being released at Summit! This course examines the critical role that Customer Service plays in an organization’s incident response efforts. We’ll explore ways that customer service teams can improve response capabilities to become more operationally mature, including a deep dive into the role of the Customer Liaison.

Recommended Knowledge and Experience

  • We recommend candidates have taken the Customer service Operations live training hosted by PagerDuty University during Summit prior to the examination
  • Candidates should have a basic understanding of the role of the customer liaison, full case ownership and important metrics to measure

Pre-work & certification details

There is no pre-work required. Just bring yourself and a strong wifi connection!

Certification details will be given to you at Summit during the live online certification courses, and emailed to all registrants the day after the training event takes place.

You’ll have 30 days to register to take your certification exam, for free! Once registered, you will have an additional 30 days to complete the exam. Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a badge that you can add to your email signature or share on LinkedIn and other social media sites. (Reminder: these courses will go back to regular price after Summit.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Summit ‘22 in-person or online?

Both! Summit will be hosted in-person in two locations worldwide: Sydney and London. If you’re attending one of our in-person events, you’ll experience live keynotes, followed by breakout sessions for all levels of PagerDuty users where you’ll have access to exclusive product demos, interactive discussions and hands-on training courses. For our at-home, online audience, you will have access to the keynotes as well as 50+ product and partner sessions - to enjoy whenever it works best for your schedule. All attendees will have access to our robust on-demand content library as well as have the option of participating in our FREE PagerDuty certifications!

Who should attend Summit ‘22?

Anyone who plays a role in managing business critical digital operations to detect, orchestrate, and automate in real-time, mission-critical work across teams. Are you someone who wants to spend less time reacting and more time building the future? At Summit ‘22, learning and sharing abounds with interactive keynotes from PagerDuty executives and customers, best practice sessions guided by industry leaders, new PagerDuty feature demos, and how-to breakouts highlighting ways to leverage PagerDuty’s integration partners. You will also have FREE access to hands-on trainings and certifications led by PagerDuty University!

When and where is Summit ‘22?



June 15


June 21



June 7


June 15


June 21

What is the cost to attend Summit ‘22?

Registration is free for online attendees and prices for In-person vary by region.

What are the exact locations for Summit 2022?

Sydney - Four Seasons Hotel Sydney

199 George St, The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia

London - The Brewery

52 Chiswell St, London EC1Y 4SA, United Kingdom